Top 25 MLM Companies

There are hundreds upon hundreds of Multi-Level Marketing opportunities existing these days. Below you will find a listing of twenty-five MLM companies.

There are so many other companies in the MLM marketplace… to numerous to include. Below is just short list of the most popular…

Amway: 1959 – 53 Years

Nu Skin: 1984 – 28 Years

Melaleuca: 1985 – 27 Years

USANA: 1992 – 20 Years

ACN: 1993 – 19 Years

Isagenix: 2002 – 10 Years

Forever Living: 1978 – 34 Years

Herbalife: 1980 – 32 Years

Xango: 2002 – 10 Years

4Life: 1998 – 14 Years

Arbonne: 1980 – 32 Years

Advocare: 1993 – 19 Years

Manna-tech: 1994 – 18 Years

Tahitian Noni: 1994 – 18 Years

5LINX: 2001 – 11 Years

Nature’s Sunshine: 1972 – 40 Years

Legal Shield: 1972 – 40 Years

Freelife: 1995 – 17 Years

Nikken: 1975 – 37 Years

Shaklee: 1956 – 56 Years

Synergy WorldWide: 1999 – 13 Years

Neways: 1992 – 20 Years

Juice Plus: 1970 – 42 Years

GNLD: 1958 – 54 Years

Sunrider: 1982 – 30 Years

The Multi-Level opportunity has numerous advantages giving merit to pursue to partnership opportunity.

Some of the advantages of working in the MLM segment:

Being your own Boss

– Hours Flexibility

– Days Flexibility

– Plenty Family Time

Depending on the amount of time and effort you put into the job… You could earn a great living or extra money.

Along with the good there is some disadvantages in MLM too:

Set-up fee is almost always required.

Fee may include samples, software, memberships & catalogues

Because of some of these operating costs it can get relatively costly starting your business.

With the advent of the internet you don’t have to sell to neighbors, family & friend… Unless you want to! The preeminent way to cultivate your business and your earnings is by enlisting others on your sales team. The key is to make everything as duplicatable as possible. Just as your recruited others to join your team… your team MUST recruit others to join their sales team.

The MLM job is not an easy job!

Should you depend solely on yourself you’ll most likely end up working exactly the same hrs of the full-time job to be able to sell, process orders, follow-track of clients etc. Should you recruit others you are able to help them using their efforts and do less network marketing yourself, if preferred?

Taking all of the above into account, there’s lots of chance available for individuals to dedicate yourself themselves and become effective. I am unsure why more and more people avoid this however I believe this is an simpler and secret weapon to success in almost any Multilevel marketing company. Subscribe to matching Multilevel marketing companies and going after them all at one time – multi parties/shows – choose a makeup company and jewelers, a clothing line along with a lingerie one or perhaps a toy chance along with a children’s clothing company, or mix your wine chance having a candle company or passion party line. The potential combinations are endless and you will still add new companies as you grow familiar and comfy with everyone. It costs a bit more to obtain began in most these at the same time but you’ll have a larger products and for that reason an improved chance at making sales and multiple item sales. It’ll likely try taking some organizing to make it easy for the client to create one purchase and that you should coordinate it with the different companies you cope with. This might include creating order forms, advertising items and establishing a free account that enables you to definitely accept charge cards and obligations directly then you definitely split them up and order from and pay each separate company. You will probably have to set your personal guidelines regarding returns, trades, shipping cost etc too after looking at all this for every company. At first it might be confusing, just a little disorganized and price some cash to obtain things setup but it’ll be more rewarding over time than attempting to make a company in one company’s products.

If I happened to miss an MLM that you believe I should have included… Please add your comment.

A Review Of For Your Pleasure

This company is lead by a president and ceo, with a lot of experience is business, sales, finance, and marketing. By this awesome wealth of experience, they have been able to help many companies survive and re group after poor leadership. In the business opportunity of For Your Pleasure, this gives individuals the opportunity to make a profit for themselves. For Your Pleasure dealt in adult products, mainly through the mail order industry. After this, they started a home division party. The reason for starting the home party division, was due to the demand for having these parities in private settings. Later the parties were known as FYP parties. In 1999, the plan was developed, to be able to create a smarter work atmosphere.

When you see these products, they clearly state that they are for adults only. What this means is they are intended for men and women who are over the age of 18. This company is known for dealing in materials that are designated for adults, and they also deal in sex toys. They offer over 1000 products in catalogs that show you what the product is. The catalog is around 120 pages. The catalogs offer many different items which include but are not limited to lotions, bullets, and lingerie. When a party is held in the comfort of your home, you are able to have a 1st hand look at the product. The company wants to bring some excitement into the private life of individuals.

For Your Business signs up Independent Business Associates to carry out their business. They want you to host these home parties, and Independent Business Associates are in charge of this. These Associates can basically choose the hours that they want to work, but the more that they work, the greater income they will earn. Whenever a party is given, For Your Business consultants wants to give out free samples. If you look at this business opportunity, it really seems attractive for homemakers, mothers, or anybody that is looking at earning great income for throwing a party.

Free Things to Do in London

This year London will be under the global spotlight as it prepares to host the 2012 Olympics. As England’s capital city, London is a popular destination for tourists both from abroad and around the UK. However, its capital city status is often reflected in its prices, and many visitors are looking to experience the city while saving money wherever possible, particularly in the light of the recent economic downturn.

If you want to see London without the spending, check out some of these fun and free things to do:

You’ll find markets all over London, but to name just a few:

Borough Market is great for produce and foodstuffs both British and International. There are often events including demonstrations and themed evenings, and plenty of the stalls have free samples!

Columbia Road is most famous for its fabulous flower market, where you’ll see everything from bedding plants to 10ft banana trees. As well as this, the road itself is composed of sixty independent shops and is one of the most interesting shopping experiences to be had in London.

Broadway Market has over 100 stalls selling everything from lemons to lingerie, tucked away down a small street in the East End of London. A great place to people-watch among the trendy Shoreditch crowds.

Take a Sightseeing Stroll

Walk along the South Bank of the Thames, from The London Eye to Tate Modern and you’ll see all manner of London landmarks as well as some impressive street art and performances. You’ll eventually arrive at the Tate Modern, where you can explore 5 floors of contemporary art and design for free.

Walk the 2.5 miles by the canal from Little Venice, where the Puppet Theatre Barge and Cascade Floating Art Gallery are moored, to Camden Lock. You’ll pass by Regents Park and London Zoo and end up at Camden’s famous markets.

The Wellcome Collection

A fascinating museum described as a “free destination for the incurably curious”, the Wellcome Collection houses medical and scientific objects amassed by pharmacist and collector Sir Henry Wellcome. The exhibitions are always changing, and visitors can even take free guided tours.

Free Lectures

Gresham College in Holborn has given free public talks for over 400 years, on a range of subjects from art to politics and mathematics to film, often featuring up to five speakers a week.

Hampstead Heath

Escape the hustle and bustle of the big smoke in this 800 acre park which includes a zoo, swimming ponds and forests. With fabulous views of the city, the Heath is perfect for picnicking on the grass in the summer months and sledging in the winter snow!