How to Host a Lingerie Party

If you are looking for a unique and exciting way of spending time with your girlfriends, you ought to try hosting a lingerie party. These kind of parties not only make hanging out with your girlfriends more fun, but they are great way of trying new merchandise as well. Below are simple steps to guide you on how to host a lingerie party:

To begin, get in touch with a lingerie party specialist to plan your party. If you happen to know a lingerie sales-consultant, directly reserve a party with them. If not, search for a local sales representative using websites of various lingerie companies.

Next, select a date and time when you are sure a good number of people will be able to attend. Friday and Saturday evenings may be convenient for your girlfriends who work full time, while an afternoon may be ideal for those with young kids.

Send out invitations. Remember to include co-workers, family members and women from your social circles such as gym, clubs and yoga. In general, ensure that you invite enough women for your party to be successful. Ask your party specialist to offer gifts for guests who bring friends – advertise this offer on the invitation card. Even though lingerie parties have always been a preserve for women, men may also be invited. However, you and your guests have to be absolutely comfortable with this decision.

Prepare or purchase some food and drinks for your guests. Since there will be a lot of activities such as games and trying out different lingerie, foods and drinks such as cheese, cake, coffee or a finger food buffet would work best in a lingerie party.

With the help of the sales representative, incorporate some games in your party. Choose the games that you believe will perfectly fit with the personality of your invited guests. Your party planner should provide some game awards and free samples.

Later, ask the lingerie specialist to come and check out the venue before the big day. This way, the specialist will be able to provide advice on first-hand experience. Nonetheless, make sure that you provide sufficient room for your participants, have a private room for the women to change the lingerie, and a desk where the lingerie specialist can sit and write down some guest orders.

Obtain catalogs in good time. Distribute them to the potential guests to create interest in the party. Retain catalog orders from girlfriends who won’t make it to the party, but have interest in the products.

Afterward, assess the benefits you will gain from throwing the party. Write down the items you need and negotiate the total amount of sales your party should make for you to get hold of this merchandise. To boost your chances, convince a friend to reserve a party of their own for you to enjoy its full benefits.

Finally, if you are successful in persuading a friend to hold a similar party, do not evaluate your ultimate benefits until their party is held. Ensure that you have made the desired choices, and then pick your final order from the lingerie specialist.