ShoeDazzle Review

ShoeDazzle, for those not in the know, is a very popular e-commerce site for women’s handbags, jewelry, dresses and of course SHOES. What makes ShoeDazzle different from most online stores is 1) Almost everything on the site is the same price, $39.95 and 2) You need to sign up for a membership before you can even browse the site. Membership is free and requires you to take a Style Quiz so that ShoeDazzle’s stylists (including chief stylist and co-founder Kim Kardashian) can make personalized recommendations for you based on your answers. We wondered how long the Style Quiz takes and what benefits you get from joining ShoeDazzle. We also wondered if we would feel like chumps, being forced to take a quiz before even being allowed to shop.

The quiz took all of four minutes, and we’re not gonna lie to you- it was really fun! Some sample questions:

“Which flat do you see yourself in?”
“Which cosmetics are most likely to grace your face?”
“Which of Blake Lively’s outfits is the most you?”

Now seriously- how can any woman who loves shoes or fashion or celebrities or all of the above not enjoy answering questions like that? With pretty pictures that you click on for your answers? You had me at “Which flat do you see yourself in?”!!!

So the Style Quiz proved to be quick and fun and easy. Once you finish, ShoeDazzle gives you some immediate product recommendations along with your fashion profile, plus you can shop around on the rest of the site. I was pretty stunned by the fashion profile- it said I lean toward Modern and Classic, that I like polka dots and that my signature colors are red and gold. WHICH IS ALL TRUE. Mind you, none of my answers had anything to do with red or gold or polka dots. Yet somehow ShoeDazzle and their chief stylist/sorceress Kim Kardashian stared into my soul and saw that I almost always wear deep red for special occasions, my last two purchases were sparkly gold shorts and a gold sweater, and my favorite article of clothing of all time is my poufy black and white polka dot skirt. (Which just totally lost its elastic, by the way. Does anyone know how to fix that?)

The next day, ShoeDazzle emailed me that my personalized showroom was ready. The personalized showrooms contain shoes, handbags and jewelry. The site also has lingerie and dresses which you are more than welcome to buy, but they don’t show up in your showroom. The shoes and handbag selections were spot on. I honestly could see myself wearing almost every shoe, and I particularly loved the booties and flats. The jewelry didn’t dazzle me quite as much, but I don’t wear much jewelry, so that isn’t necessarily a reflection on their picks.

On the first of every month, ShoeDazzle emails to tell me my new showroom is ready. It’s all new stuff, which creates a sense of urgency- if you love something, you better snatch it up before the month is over. ShoeDazzle offers Free Shipping on orders over $39, which is handy because just about everything is $39.95. (Although the Maya multicolored blue flat I am currently coveting is $29.95. What to do???) Returns are free, provided the only place you have worn your new shoes is in your living room.

I was curious if ShoeDazzle would be one of those sites that deluge you with emails. I’ve been a member for a few months now, and they send about three emails a week. I find myself opening every one because they usually contain some kind of deal, like a $10 credit or a Sale announcement or a coupon code for 25% off. Which obviously is pretty valuable stuff if you are a fan of their products, which I am. If I ever decide that three emails a week is too many, I can change my email preferences.

Is taking the ShoeDazzle Style Quiz worth your four minutes? We say yes. If it turns out you don’t love their products, you can always cancel and all you wasted was four minutes. But if you do love their products, and we think most shoe and fashion lovers will, you will have a ball checking out your new showroom every month and getting those email deals that make their already low prices even lower.

What’s The Deal?
Take the ShoeDazzle Style Quiz and get access to a personalized showroom and email-only deals.
How Long Does It Take?
The Style Quiz takes 4-5 minutes.
What’s The Verdict?
Anything Else I Should Know?
You’ll get about three ShoeDazzle emails a week, unless you change your preferences.