The Joy of Holidays For Your Online Business

The holidays are not just a time for you to go shopping, eat fancy meals, and enjoy time with friends and family, but are also an ideal way to cement loyalties with customers and get some new ones. You can use any holiday, from Christmas, to Easter, to Valentine’s Day, to Halloween as a way to drum up interest in your business and make your customers more loyal to you; and it doesn’t just have to be about discounts and freebies. Even new business owners can find ways to utilize the special days of the year with a bit of creativity.

In-Store Event

An in-store event is easy to advertise; simply write it up in your blog, scatter some e-mails (be careful about your subject heading!) and post information about it on any social media sites you are affiliated with. An in-store event can be anything from a contest with prizes (such as free samples that will then lead to the winner wanting to buy more), to random daily draws or anything else you can think of. If you’re a new owner, you’ll want to go for something cheap or free to do; such as small giveaways. If you are more established, you can do things like larger give aways, or even cash grabs and other prizes. With an in-store event for the holidays, you can pretty much let your imagination go wild; just remember to keep it legitimate and think of it like free advertising, not to mention a good hook to get customers reeled in.


Some holidays are perfect for doing this event, which is more suitable for more established business owners. Gifting allows a customer to purchase an item from you, perhaps at a discount, and have it sent to another address for someone. The incentive you give can be anything from a discount to a free gift for the shopper. Again, gifting opens the door for creativity, but make sure to only do it on holidays that make sense for gifts and if you really want to mark the holidays, you can offer gifts that are specific to the day, such as stuffed animals, soap, pillows, flowers, chocolate, lingerie, etc. for St. Valentine’s Day.

Birthday Joy

For a customer, there is nothing more touching from a company than getting something, even just a Happy Birthday email from a company they shop from. It makes you look thoughtful and they’ll remember you. A Happy Birthday email makes you look kind and personal; throw in a five or ten percent off coupon and they’ll be eating out of your hand. However, if you can’t afford the coupons, even sending out a message will be enough to make you look better than much of the competition. Birthdays are suitable for companies of all sizes; while you’re small you can do it yourself and as you get more customers, you can get the messages automated.

Although it takes a bit of work and organization to take advantage of the holidays, it’s well worth it. The holidays not only let you rope in new customers, but you also make your returning customers even happier with you. Consider the holidays a chance to invest in your company, as well as a chance to throw out some more free advertising and you’ll have a whole new outlook on these times of the year.